A global solution to the waste crisis – Every household can become a micro-energy generation centre.

A brand-new approach to effectively managing waste, on a global scale, has long been needed. The concept of the HERU is simple – process domestic waste at home simply and cleanly, while harvesting the energy to power our homes. With the ground-breaking technology behind this concept, there are many benefits that the waste management unit can provide:

  • Every household can become a micro energy generation centre – households can generate hot water from the domestic waste produced, reducing the household fuel bill by up to 15%
  • The HERU runs off of a conventional 13-amp domestic plug and at a maximum working temperature of 300°C which is similar to a standard oven
  • Reduces reliance on energy providers and costs
  • Local Authorities can revisit how they deal with waste – using the HERU removes the expensive collection infrastructure required
  • The HERU could remove HGV’s from our roads, making the streets safer
  • The HERU is extremely energy efficient, generating 2.3kWh of energy for every 1kWh required to power the unit
  • Easy installation of the HERU in either new or existing households
  • The unit could be incorporated with solar panels to reduce carbon further
  • Reduce amount of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and sulphur oxides (SO2) produced by waste incineration process
  • Lower gas emissions and better quality of the solid residues compared to waste incineration.

For further information on the benefits of the HERU waste disposal unit, please contact us here.