BlogInsider Insight: Nik Spencer

Insider Insight: Nik Spencer

In this article Paul Hatchwell from ENDs interviews Nik Spencer, chief executive of Mission Resources and joint developer of the Home Energy Recovery Unit (HERU). Nik shares his career insights.

PH: What qualifications are the most necessary and most beneficial in your sector?

NS: As a whole, the waste management sector needs to draw on more engineering talent. As an industry, we started out collecting waste with the horse and cart and, aside from the introduction of diesel trucks, the process hasn’t really changed to this day.

Waste needs to be looked at as a resource and for this to become a wide-spread reality, we need to attract young professionals with technical skills.

I look at what we’ve done with HERU, which essentially generates hot water from household waste, and while it has potential to be a global gamechanger, it wouldn’t have got off the ground without sound engineering know-how.

Indeed, the process of using pyrolysis to breakdown waste is highly technical, and has been developed with some of the best minds across engineering and academia – precisely the type of people we want to be attracting to the waste industry.


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Insider Insight: Nik Spencer