Benefits (global)

Every household can become a micro-energy generation centre and reduce their reliance on fossil fuels.

A brand-new approach to reducing the homes reliance on fossil fuels and avoiding the generation of domestic waste, on a global scale, has long been needed. With the ground-breaking technology behind this concept, there are many benefits the HERU can provide.

  • It enables every household to become a micro energy generation centre generating hot water from the everyday items there was previously little option but to discard as waste. This reduces the household fuel bill by up to 15% helping address fuel poverty.
  • It is easy to install, with the HERU only requiring a conventional 13-amp domestic plug, sewer and water pipe connection, with the installation engineer retrofitting the boiler to work in harmony with the HERU. It has a maximum working temperature of 300°C which is similar to a standard oven.
  • It empowers the home owner to avoid discarding items, continuing instead to keep them as a resource. This reduces the amount of waste created by the homeowner meaning Local Authorities would need less waste infrastructure and less collection rounds. The pollution associated with both of these would be minimised.
  • It removes the need to have as many heavy goods vehicles on the roads, making the streets safer and less polluted.
  • It is extremely energy efficient, generating an average of 2.5kWh of energy for every 1kWh required to power the unit.
  • It reduces reliance on fossil fuels to provide heating for the home.

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