BlogNewsContinued political support for the HERU

Continued political support for the HERU

In February, the team welcomed a visit from local MP Nigel Huddleston to the main HERU engineering facility in Worcestershire, which comes on the back of interest globally in the solutions that the HERU provides.

During the visit, Nigel, who is the Member of Parliament for Mid Worcestershire, was given a demonstration of the latest developments with the HERU V5, including seeing the newly designed stainless steel chamber and how the unit could be integrated into various settings. Nigel was also shown the installation of the heat pipe (which has its history from NASA installations) and the development of the water screen filter. 

Commenting on his visit, Nigel Huddleston said: "It was exciting to see how a Worcestershire-based business is creating innovative solutions to what are global problems. Cleantech solutions, such as the HERU, show how with clever thinking and the good support for businesses in the Worcestershire region, we can play a major role in tackling the environmental and energy issues we face." 

The roots of the HERU have long been entwined with political support both from early funding through the Government’s Innovate Energy Game Changer Fund to the recent support from the Low Carbon Opportunities Programme.

“Over the last few years, the HERU has gained tremendous political interest and support from across the divides,” says Nik Spencer, Founder of the HERU. “This support has come from Downing Street to the Department of Trade and Industry who visited in 2017 to the Office of the Mayor of New York City and down to Australia. To me, this type of support is both testament to the engineering solution we have created, but also to the scale of the problem facing countries around the world, for which HERU offers a credible way forward.”

Continued political support for the HERU