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Greentech Innovations and the Lunar Festival

The HERU was recently showcased at the Lunar Festival where Nik Spencer discussed the imperative for greentech innovations.

Sharing a bill with the likes of The Stranglers, Goldfrapp and Basement Jaxx to talk about greentech innovation is not something you’d see at most events, but the Lunar Festival did just that. Based just south of Birmingham, the festival sought to make people listen, laugh and learn.

Holding the stage in the Learn Arena, Nik took his place amongst dignitaries including Ed Milliband and Greenpeace in supporting the festival’s aim of broadening minds and offering different perspectives on established topics.

Speaking to a packed room, Nik discussed the nature of resource use and his own journey from creating a horse bedding business to establishing a leading recycling company through to his breakthrough with the greentech innovation the HERU. 

During his talk, Nik set out the need for both the recycling industry and individuals to reevaluate our relationship with resource use. He said,

“The resource management industry is an exciting business, we desperately need innovators, scientists and engineers that dare to think differently.  We can’t keep trying to shut the stable door after the horse has bolted. I agree we must clean our rivers and oceans but we simply have to stop putting it in there, in the first place.”

To excitement from the audience, Nik talked through how the HERU recovers energy to heat hot water from unrecyclable materials such as nappies, food contaminated plastics, Pringles containers (as well as from all recyclable resources too).

The overall theme of the talk was that we simply can’t keep doing the same thing in our resource use and still expecting a different result. We need to work collaboratively to come up with new greentech innovations to solve our global resource issues.

Greentech Innovations and the Lunar Festival