BlogNewsIs sustainable energy part of the mindfulness consumer revolution?

Is sustainable energy part of the mindfulness consumer revolution?

It’s happened to food and farming, now consumers are turning their thoughts to sustainable energy solutions. But is this partly attributable to the new mindfulness consumer trend?

Where we get our food from has been under intense scrutiny over the past decade. Documentaries such as Food Inc have shone an unflattering light on potentially questionable production habits from our food industry, leading to a major shift in how we source food.

Mindfulness is a concept whereby we increase our awareness of ethical and environmental issues and use this awareness to make active choices around consumption. An opposite to mindless consumerism, whereby we buy and consume without thinking of the impacts.  

Mindfulness is potentially an over-used word, but for a significant portion of millennials, mindfulness is exactly how they are approaching their grocery shopping.

Phil Lempert writes in Forbes: ‘One of the most critical areas where we are witnessing the mindfulness movement is in how we approach food. Movies, documentaries and books have shifted away from scaring us to inspiring us to make changes.’

Quite. Remember when you thought nothing of buying caged hen eggs?

Now that same spotlight is beginning to shine on how we harvest energy and particularly sustainable energy. The fracking issue added a fuel to spark this debate and we have seen the consumer mindset becoming ever more present in the sustainable energy arena.

Revolution; to revolve, to bring back full circle.

Up until recently we were generating our own heat from logs and coal and heating our hot water with the same fuel. The industrial revolution saw us put our energy needs in the hands of big corporations. Now, as we grapple with the sustainability revolution, new and innovative sustainable energy solutions are reclaiming that power and putting it back into the hands of the consumer.

Greentech innovations, like HERU, combine modern day engineering and technology with personal ownership (as fostered by mindfulness) so instead of ‘grow your own’, we believe you will soon start seeing a wave of sustainable energy solutions and a ‘generate your own’ shift.


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Is sustainable energy part of the mindfulness consumer revolution?