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What is left at the end of the HERU process?

We're often asked what is left at the end of a cycle of the HERU? This video breaks down some of the myths and provides a clear answer to this frequently asked question.

The full video is available below:

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BBC radio interview

Nik Spencer, founder of the HERU, was recently interviewed by BBC Radio Shropshire’s breakfast show.

In the interview, Nik explained the thinking behind this washing-machine sized innovation,… Continue Reading »

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BBC features the HERU

The HERU was today featured on BBC Midlands Today. See below for the interview with Nik Spencer and insight from David Gregory-Kumar.

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New HERU images

Take a look through the most up to date images of the HERU. It provides a fresh look at this new global innovation, which is changing perceptions on how we tackle our resource issues, helping to energise buildings for homes and businesses.

You can view the gallery here:

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