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Time to refresh the compost heap

In his latest article in MRW magazine, Nik Spencer calls for green tech solutions instead of collections for garden cuttings.

According to BBC research, UK councils are charging almost £74m a year for garden waste collection. In this article, Nik Spencer, Founder of the HERU (Home Energy Resources Unit), looks at how we got into this unpalatable situation and what the future holds for garden collections.

"Imagine if we were starting afresh.  If we were to completely redesign our approach to garden waste.  Would we conclude that what we needed was for organic matter to be put in plastic bins, to be collected by diesel chugging lorries, who would then deliver their load to a recycling centre which would expel energy to process it, re-bag it and sell much of it back to the same households from where it came?"

The full article can be read here:

Time to refresh the compost heap