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Climate Change Issues Shaping Tourism in the West Midlands

By 6th November 2019 No Comments

Founder and CEO of HERU, Nik Spencer recently spoke with Alison Brinkworth from Birmingham Live to discuss the key climate change issues shaping tourism in the West Midlands.

Nik is one of the judges for the Ethical, Responsible and Sustainable Tourism Award category in the West Midlands Tourism Awards and predicts how companies in the region will adapt to a growing demand for carbon-friendly environments.

“Ahead of his judging duties for the West Midlands Tourism Awards, Nik shares his expertise on how he believes businesses will be forced to change their approach to the climate change emergency in the coming years with an insight into the top 7 buzz words you need to know.” (Alison Brinkworth, Birmingham Live).

To read the full article, visit https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/special-features/greenwashing-6-key-climate-change-17170257