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Excessive Easter weekend waste

By 18th April 2019 No Comments

While everyone is eagerly awaiting the four-day Easter weekend, we here at HERU have been thinking about the excessive packaging that will be produced to celebrate the holiday.

As early as 2012, Nestle introduced 100% recyclable packaging over its range of treats. However, not many brands have gotten on board with this trend. According to Eurostat, “in the UK we produce over 170 million tonnes of waste every year and much of it is from food packaging.” Much of the packaging does not serve any other purpose other than for marketing and to catch your eye. One study found that the packaging around one particular egg weighs just as much as the confectionary itself and Oxfam reports that on average, 200g of chocolate egg comes with 54g of card and 2g of foil. Easter egg packaging makes a total of 8,000 tons of waste every year.

According to the info found by Casepak the most sensibly wrapped Easter treat is Cadbury’s Twirl Large Easter Egg as only 18.8% of the total weight comes from packaging. At the same time Thornton’s and Lindt’s ones had 30% or more of the weight coming from packaging.

So what you do as a responsible consumer with all of this excess packaging?  Many council websites feature local advice on how recycling is organised in the community and where to take excess packaging, including the tricky foil that wraps most eggs. In terms of the foil, you can always do the scrunch test, if can be scrunched up and stays that way, it’s foil and if it springs back it is plastic.

Nik Spencer, HERU inventor, suggests the following ways to tackle your Easter egg packaging. “I would recommend buying Easter Eggs that have a foil wrapper, which is 100% recyclable, on the egg itself and a cardboard box packet which is a renewable source of packaging and contains lots of energy.”

We hope you have a lovely Easter, enjoy the chocolate, pay attention to packaging and recycle responsibly.