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Four reasons to invest in a HERU for your resource management

By 4th March 2019 No Comments

You may have always been passionate about reducing your carbon footprint or may have recently become conscious about doing more to help the global fight against plastics pollution and the mounting waste crisis. Either way, the HERU can help – in more ways than one.

Let’s take a look at four of the main reasons why businesses of all sizes should factor the HERU into their future resource management plans:

REASON #1: It’s a real game-changer

So much so that it’s widely referred to as ‘the new hero in the fight against plastics pollution and global warming.’

Thanks to the HERU and its game-changing technology ‘damaging’ everyday items, such as plastics, nappies, coffee cups and food, can be effectively transformed into energy that can then be used to fuel your boiler, using an age-old method called pyrolysis. (For more information about pyrolysis, check out our blog, ‘How we’re using pyrolysis to power the hero of the future.’

The 19 litre HERU is the size of a washing machine and powered by a standard 32amp cooker plug. The 240-litre larger commercial HERU is in developmentThe HERU works by lifting the lid, putting in the resource, such as plastic, closing the lid, setting it to ‘go’, using the touch screen controls and leaving it to work.

REASON #2: Everything about it is pioneering

Not only is the concept of using everyday items to heat your working and home environment ingenious, the materials that have been used to create the HERU are incredibly pioneering too.

The HERU incorporates breakthrough heat pipe technology that was engineered and patented with a team of experts at Brunel University London, which has enabled the pyrolysis chamber to be the most effective chamber of its type to have ever been developed.

The key benefit of the patented heat pipes is that they enable even heat distribution to take place throughout the chamber. This reduces the energy that’s required to heat the chamber and provides greater control of the overall pyrolysis process.

REASON #3: It’s impact is proven

The HERU has already been backed by major boiler manufacturer, BAXI. And it’s also been proven to be the least impactful option in contributing to global warming compared to traditional resource collection methods.

A recent Ricardo Energy & Environment report compared the environmental impact of the HERU with collecting co-mingled collections of dry recyclables for sorting at a materials recovery facility, as well as kerbside sorting. And it found that:

• It has 68% less global warming impact than co-mingled collections and 32% less than kerbside collections
• When powered by solar energy, the HERU has 733% less global warming impact than co-mingled collections and 554% less than kerbside collections

REASON 4: It’s only a matter of time before it hits the market

The HERU is currently undergoing technical trials, in partnership with the UK Manufacturing Technology Centre, at UK sites ahead of a move to the mass market over the next two years.

The trials are also being supported by BAXI, Worcestershire County Council, Wychavon District Council and Rugby Borough Council. Very soon it’ll be much easier for businesses to reduce the detrimental impact they’re having on the environment and use their resources to their advantage at the same time.

For more information about the HERU or to become one of the latest businesses to register their interest in receiving the latest updates about this game-changing technology, email info@myheru.com or call 01386 425808.