You could be forgiven for thinking pyrolysis is a surgical procedure from yesteryear, or even, some form of historical study, research or ancient art form.

For those of you who may not be familiar with the phrase, pyrolysis is a thermochemical treatment that can be applied to any organic, carbon-based product.

But it’s not just any thermochemical treatment, it’s the heart and soul of the HERU.

You see pyrolysis is essentially the heating of resources deep within the HERU’s belly, enabling it to turn everyday ‘damaging’ items, such as plastics, nappies, coffee cups, and food, into energy that can be used to fuel its own water heating system and produce gas for domestic/commercial boilers.

Fuelling the future

Converting substances into oil, synthesised gas, or syngas, and char (produced in the absence of oxygen) this age-old treatment is the fuel behind HERU’s game-changing technology.

And, when combined with our breakthrough heat pipe innovation, which was engineered and patented in conjunction with Brunel University, London, the pyrolysis chamber is the most effective to have ever been developed for low temperature processing.

Practically speaking, pyrolysis fits within the second stage of the overall HERU process. It’s preceded by stage 1 – drying – and then followed by stage 3 – combustion.

The patented heat pipes enable heat distribution to take place throughout the chamber. This then reduces the energy that’s required to heat the chamber and achieve greater control of the pyrolysis process with no moving parts inside the chamber.

More importantly, the marriage of pyrolysis and the HERU’s cutting-edge heat pipe technology enables a highly efficient, low-temperature pyrolysis process to take place, creating outputs that are used to fuel the home.

Significant carbon savings

Homes that are duel fuelled by HERU-generated energy and solar are estimated to save the average household 1,200kg of CO2. And, if adopted across all 27m UK households, carbon savings of 32.4 million tonnes, the equivalent to 8.8% of the UK’s total carbon output*, would be saved. And that’s just households, just imagine what can be achieved if businesses adopted the HERU too….

Pyrolysis may be an age-old treatment, but there’s nothing old about how it’s being used to power the world’s first hybrid boiler and enable the HERU to be the new hero in tackling plastics pollution and global warming and help in the drive towards renewable forms of packaging.

Want to find out more about how the HERU can help fuel your world and effortlessly improve your environmental impact at the same time? Or perhaps you’d like to see pyrolysis in action? Get in touch with us on 01386 425808 or